News and information portals are now a key means of informing the public, and their easy access to current affairs makes them particularly popular, as there is the possibility of providing full information 24 hours a day.

This brings them up against a huge amount of information from different parts of the world aimed at many different groups of readers.

Do you know who your readers are?

Clever-Net, with its many years of experience, can perfectly cope with the growing demands of the market by offering you specialized professional services for information portals, news sites as well as electronic magazines.

How we operate

As a base, we start from the determination of the market potential and continue to draw up the layout plans that will include the type of news of the portal cover.

For the implementation of our projects we use technology of integrated content management systems (CMS) which allow the fast loading of data and the showcase of personalized programs such as: advanced search options, breaking news, top news, photos, videos, etc.

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