Construction of eshop – Online store

We can help to build your Eshop. The e-shop (electronic store) constitutes the entire process of e-commerce which concerns the retail or wholesale sale of physical and digital products and services on the Internet.

93% of users will prefer eshop with clear, beautiful and poetic photos of the products/eshop

The e-shop is therefore nothing else, but the construction of a website on which, with the appropriate software, digital transactions (electronic purchases-sales) are carried out through your online store. Thus, in this way, sales are carried out on a pan-Hellenic but also global level and offer the services of a company, something that would be practically impossible in the form of a physical store.

This way every prospect has access at the click of a button and the entrepreneur can promote and sell their products and services anywhere.

Multiple features for customer convenience

Widescreen eshop for the PC user
Mobile adaptation for easy navigation on mobiles
Pop-out menu so that it does not take up space on the mobile/PC/tablet
View Product Category in multiples per line
View Product Category in list (one by one)
Products in variations
Product on sale (show old price in deletion to highlight quantity difference)
Search, Compare, Wishlist, Account, Cart
Checkout (checkout) on one page so as not to distract the user in the final stage with multiple steps
Payment by Bank Deposit, Cash on Delivery, Paypal, Credit/Debit Card
Add PAYPAL as a payment method to achieve 70% increase in sales from not having it.
With special software for photo optimization. Same quality, lower capacity. Win in speed and a major factor for SEO

Calculation of shipping costs

The exact calculation of shipping costs is done automatically with every purchase

47% of users will click “cart” if you notice they don’t have free shipping

E-shop tailored to your needs

Choose from numerous additional features (Add-ons), such as connecting to a price comparison website & creating offers or even connecting to computerization.

Testimonials or customer reviews

It is important to show previous customer reviews in the eshop

Adding reviews increases sales rate by 34%

Search engine friendly

The website meets all the necessary specifications for users with relevant searches to find your business and products
Successful e-shops are those that, from the design to the implementation of their construction, aim to bring sales to the owner.

Low cost e-shop construction for high online sales

The e-shop electronic store is the most modern way of commercial activity of a business. With the rapid development of the internet, the dream of every professional, of every small or large business is now e-commerce achieved with a smart and efficient e-shop.

Clever-Net’s many years of experience guarantees an e-shop that will bring you profit, presenting your products in a unique way, thus making it attractive to your prospective customers.

The most important factors in achieving the online order

Options you have with Clever-Net:

  • Construction of an eshop with low prices and high quality
  • Eshop construction for Retail and Wholesale
  • Low cost eshop construction
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Responsive eshop design
  • Creation of a Google-friendly eshop – SEF
  • Easy eshop management
  • Online sales made easy
  • Presentation of products in a digital catalog
  • Eshop construction packages at bargain prices
  • Free eshop usage training
  • Build an eshop on any platform you want
  • Product characteristics
  • View price with or without VAT
  • Combinations of features
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • wish list
  • Product comparison system
  • Product filters
  • Delivery method options
  • Payment method options
  • Show cart on all pages
  • New Products automatically added
  • Related products on product page
  • Corporate presentation pages
  • Create a blog
  • Eshop, website, Blog in 1 website
  • Secure online sales
  • Specialized solutions in eshop construction

The many years of experience of our company means that we can help you to choose the most economical but also targeted solution in the right choice of the ecommerce platform that will serve your corporate needs.

Buyer behavior – Where – When – How

So increase your sales from today, trusting your company’s e-shop in the expert hands of Clever-Net developers.

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