In every newly established business, it is now MANDATORY to have a website where the owner is declared as its natural or legal representative!

The construction of a website of this type is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a quick and concise way to present themselves or their business online, and the visitor receives short, but clear and useful information about your activity, without having to browse on numerous pages, and is affordable and accessible for any professional.

Legislation – Article 232 of Law 4072/2012

Limitation of obligations S.A. and Ltd. to publish acts and data

1. Where in Mr. 2190/1920 and Law 3190/1955 provides for publication in other printed media, except for the Official Gazette/TAE-EPE and G.E.MH., this can be replaced by posting the published acts and information on the company’s website, provided this address is registered in the Company’s Division. For the posting of the above actions and information on the company’s website, the relevant Registry is informed immediately. Deadlines linked to publication in other printed media than the Official Gazette/TAE-EPE and G.E.MH. they are considered to start or end from the day the company announced to the relevant register the posting on the website.
2. If the company does not maintain a website or has not registered it in its Division, the publications of the previous paragraph are carried out, in addition to the Official Gazette/TAE-EPE and G.E.MI., and in a daily financial newspaper of nationwide circulation.

The G.E.MH website is necessary.

A) As a website, it refers to the company’s website (website, internet site) which the company uses and on which it can post information it wishes or is obliged to.

B) The relevant provision of article 232 does not specify the period of time for which the relevant information should remain posted, the publication of which is replaced by a posting. It is reasonable, however, that it must remain posted for a period of time, in order to serve the purposes of the respective provision, which provided for the relevant publication.

C) The relevant postings should be similar to the corresponding publications in the newspapers, which, moreover, continue to be made by companies that have not registered their website address.

Companies must bear in mind that every time they post a balance sheet on their website, they must also notify the GEMH Service, given that according to the law, “the deadlines associated with the publication in other printed media , start or end, from the day the company announces to G.E.MH the posting on the website, otherwise it is considered overdue and faces the nullity of the acts”.

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