Google AdWords (Google ads) is a smart “tool” to reach new customers and grow your business in a targeted way.

The targeting criteria are multiple

Targeted means that the ad only appears when a user searches with keywords that you have stated you want to be advertised on. An additional advantage is that you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad (and not just when the user sees the ad on

Mobile dominates. Target mobile!

At Clever-Net we can undertake its optimization and monitoring thus saving you money, as our company is certified by Google Adwords.

Our experienced partners can in just a few minutes identify mistakes in your design, achieving a reduction in cost per click, which means you can have the same visitors for less money or more visitors for the same money.

The first 4 results occupy more than 60% of the clicks.

Clever-Net provides you with:

  • Tips for the right Google campaign development strategy
  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Direct the ad to the correct landing page
  • Building your campaign in the right Ad Groups
  • Choosing the right budget and cost per click
  • Continuous daily monitoring and improvement of the campaign

How does AdWords advertising work?

With 3 simple steps:

  • We define in AdWords the words or phrases, also known as keywords, that you want to advertise on
  • We set the cost (CPC) you want to spend per ad click and for each keyword according to multiple targeting parameters
  • We create the corresponding text, banner ads

The higher your CPC, the more chances you have to appear first in the results, however, with proper optimization we achieve better results regardless of CPC.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words that describe your product or service. My advice? Choose your keywords carefully and prefer that your words are not generic but relevant to your product or service so that your ads are more targeted and you reach people who are really interested in buying what you offer. In this way you will also achieve a good CTR and Conversion Rate.

What are impressions?
Impressions are the display of your ad every time a user searches for a keyword or otherwise a key word that you have defined.

What is CPC?
CPC or cost per click is the amount you are charged each time someone clicks on your ad. You don’t have to worry about being overcharged because CPC is set by you!

What is Max CPC?
Max CPC is the highest amount you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.

What is CPM?
CPM, cost per 1000 impressions, is the cost incurred by the advertiser per thousand impressions of his ad.

What is Maximum CPM?
Maximum CPM is the highest amount you are willing to pay for each total of 1000 impressions of your ad.

What is CTR?
CTR, click through rate, is the number of clicks / impressions of your ad.

So if someone wants to impress you by telling you that the number of impressions of your ad is high, don’t be too quick to get excited. Ask him about the number of clicks your ad had and the CTR.

What is Conversion?
Conversion is the action performed by a user on our website. This action is not the same for everyone. In an eshop it can be the completion of the purchase of a product. On some other site it may be the subscription to the newsletter.

What is Conversion Rate?
Conversion Rate is the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action. If, for example, in an online clothing store with 1000 visitors per day, 20 buy, then the conversion rate is 2%.

What is Quality Score?
Quality Score is how high quality our ads are in combination with the keywords we’ve used and the landing page we send the user to. On a scale of 1-10, the higher the quality score, the more we can earn a higher position for our ad and a lower CPC!

The steps but be careful… trust the experts because you will lose money from pointless clicks!
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