Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why you need it

The answer to the question “What is SEO” although it actually has a complexity, we will analyze its importance in simple words.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website in order to rank it in higher positions, when presenting search results through search engines.

With our certified tools we compress photos without loss, one of the most important factors of SEO, the loading speed of the website

The easiest way to find a website is through search engines (eg Google, Bing), using specific words or key phrases (keywords). These can be the name of a company, the category of services, a specific product, etc.

The results that search engines give us vary from a few thousand to many millions of web pages related to the word or key phrase we used during the search. At the top of the results you will find that the websites that are closest to the specific keyword or phrase are displayed.

The website builder that appears in the first 30 results receives far more visitors than another that appears in the following positions. The results are presented in pages (per 10 results).

To better understand the operation of search engines and learn what SEO is in 3 minutes, you can watch the following video:

To make it easier to understand, you can answer the following questions yourself

1) Think about the core product or core service of your business. If the business wasn’t yours, what word or keyword phrase would you type into a search engine to find it? Chances are you wouldn’t use the company’s brand name or anything related to its products or services (eg web development).

2) Use that keyword or phrase on Google.

3) Did you find your business on the first pages of results? If not, then you should pay special attention to SEO!

It is important to remember that search engine users do not search for your business using its brand name because, most likely, they do not know it!

What to expect from Clever-Net’s SEO services?

  • Higher search engine rankings for keywords that are valuable to your business.
  • Increase in organic traffic (traffic driven by search engines for unpaid rankings)
  • Increase conversions. Visits that turn into beneficial actions for your business – activity such as online – offline purchases, subscriptions to mailing lists, subscriptions, interactions with social media.
  • Complete Keywords Research to reach your potential customers through their searches.
  • Where do we focus during SEO? Keywords Research
    We do keyword research. One of the most important and useful functions in order to make both search engine optimization (SEO) and overall search engine marketing efficient.

SEO On Page Check
We check the website to ensure it conforms to specific SEO principles approved by Google and adapts quickly and safely to its frequent algorithm changes.

Micro-moments Buyer Circle
The moments that influence consumer decisions differ in each industry. We’re expanding Keyword Research into those defining moments when you can engage with your potential customers’ searches, and we’re redesigning the user experience to maximize conversions at every step.

UX Οptimize
We optimize the user experience offered by your website and the contact with your digital footprint at every stage of consumer decisions among all potential screens.

Competitors SEO Analysis
We analyze the strategy and techniques of your competitors on a digital level.

Competition study

Technical SEO
We optimize the technical issues around how search engines read your site (robots txts, sitemaps, response and speed optimizations)

Setup Tracking Codes
We install or check the installation of Google Analytics and Google’s Search Console (ex Webmaster Tools). As well as the corresponding interaction tools with the rest of the search engines. We state the way we want them to read your website data.

SEO On Page Optimize
We optimize the necessary meta data (data that feeds the necessary information to search engines), page load times, keyword density and all those factors that affect your ranking both in search results and in those display points of results (Google Universal Search Results – images, questions, structured data, knowledge graph) that can bring you useful traffic.

SEO Off Page Optimize – Backlinking Profile
Off page (off page SEO) search engine optimization is not only dependent on links to your site. It depends on how search engines analyze what others think about you and your site. We optimize all references (mentions) around your brand (brand) or your services, as we make sure there is a healthy physical connection in the references around your site.

SEO Monitoring – Reporting Analysis
We track keyword performance across all search engines for both desktop and mobile. Depending on the needs of the project, the necessary reports – analyzes for the effectiveness of our SEO campaigns are generated. (MOZ subscription)

Why choose Clever-Net’s SEO services?

We stay up-to-date on all the algorithm upgrades that the search engines make or are about to make, so that our SEO services remain effective and your website is kept in high rankings without the risk of being penalized (Google penalty).

We have all the know-how required to increase your visibility for search engines.

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