Clever-Net has been professionally active in the field of website construction and eshop construction for several years, providing complete web design and web development solutions, from study and design to the creation of the final form of a website.

Professional website construction is a way to promote your brand, products and services to the general public using the internet, making you stand out from the rest of your competitors and attract potential customers. you in the best possible way.

Before deciding on your website, study!

As you know, there are millions of websites on the internet. What will make your website stand out by choosing Clever-Net for its construction?

The answers follow:

  • Construction of dynamic websites
  • Greekized and simple CMS content management environment
  • Economic websites at low prices
  • Install an SSL security certificate
  • Fast web page loading
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Add meta tags for search engines
  • Site construction with a unique design
  • Responsive website development – for all screen sizes (computers, tablets, mobiles)
  • Contact form & Expression of interest form
  • Custom Web Design
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Interfacing with social networks
  • Google maps – to make it easier for your visitors to find you
  • Compress website files for fast loading
  • Quick delivery
  • Create unlimited corporate e-mails

Basic Features in website construction
A website design, to be considered successful and efficient, must make your page stand out from thousands of similar ones that exist on the web. For this reason they must contain some key features that will lead to this success. What are these features?

Construction of websites with Responsive Design
The page should be as user-friendly as possible to help them navigate and find what they came for. So one of the main features of a website is its responsive design.

Data that plays a role in responsive web design

By this term is meant an automatically adjusted website according to the size of the device from which a user is visiting it. Thus, whether the visitor connects from a computer, or from a mobile phone or tablet, the website adapts to the dimensions of this device without requiring scrolling to the right and left to display all the content. But in addition to responsive design, due to the huge use of the internet by mobile devices, the page must also be friendly to use by these mobile devices.

Dynamic Websites
The page should be dynamic and not static. A dynamic website is characterized by a set of variable content from some management system. The Content Management System (CMS) is what enables you to manage your website, add new pages, articles and products as well as change basic elements in its appearance, without requiring special knowledge.

Building websites with increased sales
Clever-Net, aiming to increase traffic to your website in metrics that matter for greater sales growth, helps its clients in the best possible way by optimizing website construction.

The development of website construction
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